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Why choose Krystellie Synthetic Hair?

Realistic Appearance

High-quality synthetic hair has a natural-looking appearance, with a soft texture and a realistic shine. It can be styled and manipulated just like natural hair, allowing you to achieve a variety of different looks.


Synthetic hair is generally more durable than natural hair, with the ability to maintain its shape and texture even after being washed or styled repeatedly. This means that high-quality synthetic hair can last for a long time with proper care.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic hair requires less maintenance than natural hair, as it doesn't need to be washed as frequently and doesn't require regular styling. This makes it a convenient option for people who are always on-the-go.

Heat Resistance

Some high-quality synthetic hair can be heat-styled, allowing you to use hot tools like curling irons or straighteners to create different looks. However, it's important to check the specifications of the specific type of synthetic hair to ensure it can handle heat styling.


Synthetic hair is generally less expensive than human hair, making it an affordable alternative for people who want to change their hairstyle frequently.

Colour Variety

Synthetic hair is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to experiment with different shades and highlights without committing to a permanent dye job.

Premium 20″ 3pc Curly Clip In Hair Extensions


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Feature Krystellie Fashion Cheaper Alternatives More Expensive Competitors
Quality of Hair Natural-looking appearance, with a soft texture and a realistic shine. Lower quality synthetic or mixed hair with less durability and prone to tangling or shedding Natural-looking appearance, with a soft texture and a realistic shine.
Price Affordable with flexible payment plans starting at £2.75 per week for premium hair Inexpensive, but sacrificing quality and durability More expensive, with higher upfront costs for premium hair
Returns Policy 14-day return policy with full refund or exchange for unused, unopened hair Varies, but often no or limited return policy for hair extensions 30-day return policy with restocking fee or exchange for unused hair
Customer Support Comprehensive customer support with personalized consultations and advice Limited customer support or none at all for cheaper alternatives Dedicated customer support team available for pre-sale and after-sale inquiries
Range of Hair Styles Wide range of hair styles, lengths, and colors to choose from, including clip-ins, wefts, and wigs Limited range of hair styles, lengths, and colors Extensive range of hair styles, lengths, and colors, including customized options
Durability Long-lasting hair that can be reused multiple times with proper care Less durable hair that may need to be replaced more frequently Very durable hair that can last for years with proper care
Reputation Established and well-regarded brand with positive customer reviews and testimonials Unknown or unproven brands with little to no reputation Established and respected brands with positive customer reviews and testimonials
Flexibility of Payment Flexible payment plans that allow customers to split the cost of their hair into weekly or monthly installments No or limited payment plans available for cheaper alternatives More flexible payment plans available for premium hair, but often with higher upfront costs

Super easy luscious locks that give your hair amazing volume and length in seconds! Our Premium Curly Synthetic Clip In Hair Extensions are perfect for achieving effortless curls while out running errands, working 9-5 to dressing up for a date night!

Easy to clip in and hide into your own hair and causes no damage to your own hair. We recommend this Krystellie Fashion Hair to women wanting length and volume.


Our 1-piece curly hair extension is 1 weft of hair with added layers for extra thickness.

Each weft measures 22-24″ when pulled flat and weighs approx. 180g.


The model is wearing the shade Californian Blonde. If you need help getting colour matched then you can contact us and we will be happy to help, in order to get the correct match we will need a photograph of your hair in natural daylight.


How to use:

  • Part your hair
  • Pop the clips open, slide extensions in to the hair and pop closed
  • Let down hair and brush
  • Viola – long luscious locks!



  • The hair can be style up to 160 degrees (do not blow dry)
  • Wash with lukewarm warm and hang to dry
  • Brush with soft bristle brush or tangle brush
  • Spray hair with de-tangle spray or diluted fabric conditioner (30cm away) if gets tangled
  • Store in a clear area, laid flat out to avoid getting tangled. A top tip is to use a trouser clothing hanger and attach the extensions to each end and hang up in a clear environment.
  • We advise not to dye the hair extensions as this will damage them and make them tangled. If you require a different colour, we offer many different shades at great prices.


Additional information
Weight N/A
Select Your Colour

#1 Jet Black, #10 Ash Brown, #110 Dark burgundy, #118 Burgundy, #12 Golden Brown, #14/16 Dark Blonde, #153/M27 Strawberry Blonde, #18/22 Ash Blonde Extensions, #18/24 Caramel Blonde, #18H24 Harvest Blonde, #1B Natural Black, #2 Raven, #2/30 Warm Brunette, #2/33 Black Cherry, #24/613 Light Golden Blonde, #26/30 Mix Auburn, #27/613 Honey Blonde, #2T118 Black & Burgundy, #33/30 Auburn, #350 Copper Red, #4 Dark Brown, #4/27 Dark Brown & Caramel, #4a Coffee Brown, #6 Choc Brown, #60 Bleach Blonde, #60T Silver Grey, #611/KB88 Golden Blonde, #613 Pure blonde, #613/16 California Blonde, #613/18 Champaign Blonde, #614H21 Light Blonde, #68/69 Butterscotch, #8 Chestnut, #99j Plum Extensions, #RED, #T3904 Pastel Grey

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